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Wireless Chargers

Wireless Charging available Everywhere – at home, in the car, office, high street shops, bars and restaurants: when travelling: available in hotels, train stations, airport lounges, cruise ships – and many more locations!

QiConnect evaluates and tests each Wireless Charging device so as to be able offer the most ideal products that meets the needs of businesses, customers and every day Smartphone users – Wireless Charging is also supplied as standard in selected tablets such as Google Nexus 7.

There are various options for wireless charging in all locations and settings so you will never need to connect a power cable again to charge your phone or smartphone!

What our clients are saying

“ I must say that the wireless charging devices are simply superb. They have made my day to day life so much better and less stressful. I work in IT and am in constant communication with my clients, even when I am out of the office.

Having a charging unit on my desk in my office, the portable charging pack in my pocket and the counter sunk charging units in my bed side tables at home means never being without power on my mobile phone, never rushing in a panic to get to a socket and carry a plug and cable everywhere.

When I am in the office my mobile sits right next to my hand on its wireless charging pad in my desk, my pocket… a portable charger and at home when I go to bed, if I need to render some remote support in the middle of the night my phone is right there to hand always fully charged (no disturbing my wife with pitch black cable searching!) This product has changed my professional and personal life, being never un-contactable.

Thank you so much for this life changing range of products that simply makes things just that bit less stressful. ”

Seth Westrip, General Manager, Support on the Spot, Private Cloud Specialists

“ I really think these products are great! My partner couldn’t quite get his head around it all and he’s an Engineer... Actually if I’m honest, he was like a kid at Christmas ”
“ Recently bought a wireless Powerbank, charging pads and wireless energy cards for our Samsung Galaxy S4’s (we have one each) and a Galaxy Note 2. I bought them specifically for my partner as he works overseas a lot - the huge benefit for him (he uses the Powerbank) is that there’s no need for him to take more of the power leads / chargers for his phones. One Powerbank charges both phones quickly and efficiently.

All products take up very minimal space when travelling and can fit into his laptop bag without much fuss. Extremely easy to set your phones up for wireless charging and user friendly! Very happy with all these products and would highly recommend... ”

Teresa & Damion – Hampshire

Embedded (Hidden) Device:

Embedded hidden device

The embedded devices can be hidden under table surfaces, worktops, office furniture, or even in chair arm rests. Having an embedded device in various locations will ensure you always have access to power without having to search for a plug socket to plug into – your phone can ‘Snack’ on Power whenever you place the it over the power site (charger) – you can choose to identify the exact position of the power site by adding a personalised/branded sticker or leave the furniture surface clear leaving the transmitter completely hidden. This type of device is an ideal option for bedside tables.

Surface Mounted Device:

Surface Mounted DeviceThe surface mounted device is flush with the worktop, table or desk and visible to use. The charging device will automatically light up when a phone with wireless receiver is placed on it. The charger will light up to confirm the receiver is compatible and is receiving a charge. The surface mounted devices can be branded with company logo, business message/advertisement or left blank. Ideal for retail outlets, coffee shops, restaurants, airport lounges or waiting rooms.

Portable Charging Pad:

Portable Charging PadThe portable charging pad is small, light and easily kept with a laptop/tablet or in a briefcase or handbag. The pad has a USB connector so you can plug into any device with USB output and simply place your phone on the pad to charge whilst you work. The pads are available in various colours.


Wireless Charging in the Car:

Wireless Charging in the carNo need to plug the phone into a charger in the car: The Wireless Car Charger Transmitter enables your phone to continue receiving wireless charge whilst you are driving. Convenient and easy to fit to dashboard or window – the charger is fully adjustable to hold your phone in the best position for hands free communications or satellite navigation applications. Simply place your phone in the holding arms and charging starts automatically.

Portable-Backup Battery [Power Bank] with Wireless Charger:

Battery Pack WirelessThere may be an occasion when you are out and about, without a convenient power source either mains or from your car and your phone battery is running ‘dangerously’ low – this could be a real nuisance and major inconvenience, however the Portable Power Bank with built in Wireless Charger transmitter offers a completely portable and versatile solution. The power bank comes with up to 8800mA of power which can be accessed wirelessly by simply placing your wireless compatible phone on the battery case – with the wireless transmitter being embedded just under the cover charging can start automatically, and you still have the option of one or two USB outlets [depending on the Power Bank model] to allow charging of up to two additional devices which including phones, tablets, cameras and much more. Once fully charged the power bank will have the capacity to wirelessly charge your phone multiple times before it needs charging again.

The Portable Power Bank can be small enough to fit into a coat pocket, handbag or laptop case so will always be at hand when needed.

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