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QiConnect is the UK’s leading specialist in providing Wireless Charging Solutions.

Wireless Charging is here to stay, and it’s going to radically change the way the world uses power. Customers will begin to demand charging points where they eat, work, socialise and shop, as well as at home. If you create or maintain these lifestyle spaces, you need to be ready for this demand.

We are the UK’s first Wireless Charging experts with over 5 years immersed in power products, solutions and deployment of related technologies. We’ve seen the concept develop from its infancy to now: its first stage of maturity. We know not just that it works, but what works for our customers.

Through our own research and development we’ve created some game-changing products that meet the challenges of this exciting new world technology. Our expertise is selecting valuable OEM products and, combined with our own problem solving processes, create unique solutions.

If you are developing new products, environments or services for retail, leisure or hospitality, [to name but a few,] you may wish to know more about how Wireless Charging will change the world and how you can be ready to incorporate it.

Our expertise added to your product or service is the way to achieve competitive advantage for this new-world thinking. 

We’d love to collaborate. Give us a call to discuss your outline and we’ll frame the solution...

Wireless Charging

Embedded Solutions

  • Fixed in New Furniture, Worktops, Tables: seamless integration of Qi charging station for office, home, at sea, in a hotel, and any public areas
  • Retrofitting into existing surfaces
  • Cable hidden charging station
  • Branded with company logo or message on Surface Mounted device
  • Works with any Qi compatible mobile device
  • Stand alone, wire free charging option
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