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QiConnect brand SupaPowa® teams up with Counter Production ltd

QiConnect Wireless Charging brand SupaPowa® are delighted to announce a partnership with Counter Production Ltd to bring Qi wireless charging technology to Corian®, HiMacs® and other solid surface worktops.

Utilising SupaPowa’s embedded Qi wireless transmitter, Counter Production offer an integrated charging unit fabricated seamlessly within the worktop. If you have a wireless charging ready device, simply place it onto the worktop and you will start charging! Alternatively you can connect a SupaPowa® Dual Receiver or Wireless Charging Receiver Case to your phone, which then allows you to charge even if your phone isn’t wireless ready.

SupaPowa® charging transmitters currently use Qi technology and a number of smartphones are wireless charging ready; the most recent being the Samsung Galaxy S6 range. With the addition of the SupaPowa® Dual ReceiverSupaPowa® Ultra-slim Wireless Charging Receiver Case or SupaPowa® Energy Card for Samsung devices, all smartphones are able to make use of the technology.

Counter Production Ltd have been fabricating and installing Corian® and other solid surface materials to the highest quality and standards since 1986. By providing SupaPowa® Qi wireless charging into their high quality Corian® and Solid Surface range, Counter Production are the first bespoke UK surface fabricator to incorporate the technology into their offerings.

For more information on how SupaPowa® can help your business, contact us at, or call 02392658301.

To contact Counter Production about their wireless charging solid surfaces, call 01491 615470 or visit the website

QiConnect Hits the News

This week our story has hit the News.

The story confirms the fact that we are “set to revolutionise smart phone charging”  – “It’s somewhat ironic that, despite our digital age, there is no everywhere battery-charging infrastructure in the UK for mobile devices.”

The article goes on to confirm that QiConnect’s charging stations will start to roll out in Cafes, bars, restaurants, airports, office hotels-basically anywhere that has furniture that can be embedded with a voltage-producing magnetic induction device.

“Just think, it will only be a matter of time before you can go to a coffee shop or pub and place your phone on a pad or table – the phone lights up and automatically charges.”

It also mentions the fact that we have been focused on research and development to ensure that the product that we are putting out is of the best quality to the end user.