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QiConnect brand SupaPowa® teams up with Counter Production ltd

QiConnect Wireless Charging brand SupaPowa® are delighted to announce a partnership with Counter Production Ltd to bring Qi wireless charging technology to Corian®, HiMacs® and other solid surface worktops.

Utilising SupaPowa’s embedded Qi wireless transmitter, Counter Production offer an integrated charging unit fabricated seamlessly within the worktop. If you have a wireless charging ready device, simply place it onto the worktop and you will start charging! Alternatively you can connect a SupaPowa® Dual Receiver or Wireless Charging Receiver Case to your phone, which then allows you to charge even if your phone isn’t wireless ready.

SupaPowa® charging transmitters currently use Qi technology and a number of smartphones are wireless charging ready; the most recent being the Samsung Galaxy S6 range. With the addition of the SupaPowa® Dual ReceiverSupaPowa® Ultra-slim Wireless Charging Receiver Case or SupaPowa® Energy Card for Samsung devices, all smartphones are able to make use of the technology.

Counter Production Ltd have been fabricating and installing Corian® and other solid surface materials to the highest quality and standards since 1986. By providing SupaPowa® Qi wireless charging into their high quality Corian® and Solid Surface range, Counter Production are the first bespoke UK surface fabricator to incorporate the technology into their offerings.

For more information on how SupaPowa® can help your business, contact us at, or call 02392658301.

To contact Counter Production about their wireless charging solid surfaces, call 01491 615470 or visit the website

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