iPhone 6 will feature Wireless Charging according to a new report

According to surveys, the iPhone 6 is considered to be the most anticipated Apple smartphone of all the time. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that all sorts of rumors and speculations about the device are floating around these days.

We already have some idea about its possible design and specs, but the latest rumors also talk a bit about its features. Among these features, we find connectivity options like Near Field Communication (NFC) and improved 4G capabilities. A report citing “sources close to the situation” also claims that the iPhone 6 will include Wireless Charging. While this feature isn’t exactly groundbreaking, we have to note that there isn’t a standard regarding Wireless Charging surfaces as of yet. The article mentions that Apple is now ready to commit to a standard, but the exact details are not yet known. But we do know that the iPhone 6 comes with a design that allows for energy transfer through an inductive charging surface.

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