iPhone 6, Will it, Won’t it?

As the summer draws to a close and autumnslowly starts to make its appearance, we are alsostarting to see the next generation of smartphones making an appearance. Most of which are already wireless charging compatible – Nokia being one of the first to fully adopt it.

But the big question on my lips and many other wireless power/iPhone users is “Will the iPhone 6 be wireless charging ready?”

This is a question no one knows the answer too for sure, and as ever, when releasing a new product,Apple haven’t spilt the beans about any of the phones features or appearance, all we know is it is expected to be released early September sometime?

So what will it mean for iPhone users if the model comes wireless ready?

Well it means that with wireless charging really starting to take off that we will start to see more and more wireless charging points in more public spaces e.g. where we like to eat, sleep, drink and play, and being an iPhone user myself I know what a constant frustration it is to preserve my battery life.

That is why for me it is a must to take my wireless charger transmitter everywhere with me so I can use my sat nav, listen to my music, check my email, tweet and take as many pictures as I like and know it’s not going to get to mid afternoon and all I can see is the red sliver of battery life telling me I have 12% battery left!

I for one will be delighted if the Iphone6 is wireless ready as I’m not a big fan of phone cases and I’m not ready to switch from an iPhone just yet. So I guess just like the rest of the world I will have to sit tight and wait to see if the Iphone6 is wireless ready.

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