Marriott Hotels and Kube Systems to Deliver Wireless Charging Power to guests in all Locations

Marriott Hotels Taps Kube Systems For Innovative Power Charging Solutions

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Marriott International, Inc., a leading lodging company, and Kube Systems, a division of leading hospitality brand Ramler International Ltd., today announced the formation of a business agreement to offer a premium charging solution to meet the needs of guests for its Marriott Hotels brand.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with an internationally renowned hotelier, like Marriott,” said Dave Weinstein, Vice President of Kube Systems. “Building on our long history of addressing the needs of hotel customers, we’re proud to offer solutions that are tailor-made for the hospitality industry and designed to meet the always-changing power-hungry needs of consumers for their mobile devices.”

Kube Systems’ products deliver the charging power guests need in all locations and with more convenience throughout the hotel property. The company develops products that integrate wired and wireless charging technologies, exclusively based on the leading global standard for wireless charging – Qi.

Qi is integrated into smartphones, tablets and automobiles today, with an installed base of more than 50 million units with no cables required. As the leading wireless charging standard, Qi has over 500 products and backing from more than 200 leading companies.

The partnership between Kube Systems and Marriott will provide a unique solution for hotel guests managing their battery anxiety. Qi wireless charging provides unprecidented charging convenience for an enhanced mobile experience.

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