Nokia UK Releases Latest Video Ad on Lumia and Wireless Charging!

Apart from the amazing Windows Phone OS, Lumia smartphones stand out uniquely in the sea of Android and iOS devices because of the innovative way that Nokia had made the handsets. Not only are these devices stylish, durable, and affordable, the Finnish mobile giant had also focused on dealing with small features that are usually neglected by rivals in favor of specs that are not really helpful with the overall mobile experience. One of these overlooked matters is simple mobile phone charging.

Nokia is among the first to introduced wireless charging – an innovative way of recharging your phone without the need to connect it to wired charger. With the use of Qi standard, they came up with different styles of wireless charging pads that made life easier for consumers. Now that Microsoft had come in as the new manager of the mobile device business, they had also taken the initiative of emphasizing the small matters where Lumia excels the most. They did it by releasing a new video ad on wireless charging capabilities of Lumia smartphones. Here’s the video ad that we’re talking about – short, but delivering a powerful message.

The new ad was launched by Nokia UK, and what’s interesting is that they hired popular British comedian, actor, and writer David Mitchell (popularly known in sitcom peep show) to voiced out the character in the video. The video ad showed the importance of having a smartphone like Lumia, which has wireless charging. Since wired chargers can lead to problems when left unattended (just like the fire incidents with with Samsung devices), it is much safer to have the handset unconnected, and yet charging in the same speed as with connected chargers. These are the simple things that only Nokia had spent time working on a solution.